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The Pleasure of Blogging

In just a month, 2 of my blogs that I registered their own domain are going to expire and the good news is, I am going to renew this blog for you to be able to get updates about the things that are happening in my life. There are some people who are asking me "Why are you spending lots of money just to maintain a web blog?" but I always smile and say that blogging is a part of who I am right now. 

Maybe if I haven't discovered blogging last 2008, I might hiding in my cocoon and leaving things unsaid. Okay enough with the drama...

If you want to experience the pleasure of blogging, you might want to consider starting a blog.  If you think that creating a blog is hard then you are definitely wrong because even beginners can make their own blogs in just a few minutes. It does not matter if your blog's design is simple or plain as long as its contents are high quality then you are good to go. Besides, you can always re-design your blog if you want and there are thousands of free blog templates for you to choose from.

Another thing that you might want to consider in establishing a blog is the topic that you are going to share with the online community. The key here is it should the topic that is closest to your heart so that you can do extra things just to provide better articles about your niche.

The style of your writing also matters. It should be informative but not cocky in a way of irritating your readers. You can also add some humor on it as long as it is related to what you are talking about.

In this manner, you can guarantee that there are people who will frequently visit your blog and catch up with it. 

Blogging is not only writing quality and informative stuff. It is also about meeting new people and learning things that you can never learn from the outside world.

Blogging is not only for nerds. It is also for people living the life worth sharing for. - Deej of
There you are. I just came up with a quote about blogging. I swear it is mine! So what are you waiting for? Share in on Facebook and Twitter! Don't forget to give me some credits okay? Lol!

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