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Hunger Games with my Nuffnang Family

Nuffnang is indeed the best advertising community online because it is not just a source of income but also a group of awesome people that gives awesome rewards for its members like me. Aside from the money that I am receiving from them, I also love their events especially the movie screening courtesy of different sponsors. If you don't know what I mean, then read my post about their event last year for the special screening of X-Men First Class for bloggers. Too bad I forgot to post about their special screening of Cowboys and Aliens. Argh! I just realized it today!

Hunger games banner
Soooo. I was invited by Nuffnang for the special screening of "The Hunger Games" which is one of my favorite stories of all time. I have been reading the trilogy and it is really exciting. I am on the third book btw.

I am sure that you are all familiar with the story of this book turned into movie so I am not gonna talk about it here okay? Google it instead. Haha! I am so lazy you know.

banana boat suncreen lotion
The event will never be possible without the sponsors! They are none other than Banana Boat and Schick Razor! And of course, Nuffnang!

I think, I am one of the first people who arrived in the venue so I was able to take some pics.
hunger games nuffnang special screening
Marry me Katniss! Forget Peeta and Gale! Haha!
Hunger Games special screening by nuffnang
I was not dancing on the second photo okay? :D
For me, the movie was good but the book is better. The director made some changes on the story and I am wondering how they are going to introduce some of the important characters on the second installment which is "Catching Fire". I also got dizzy because the camera was a little bit shaky in the beginning and I was sitting on the front row of the cinema so if you have migraine, then don't sit in front.

This is one of my favorite scenes. It made me cry a lil bit. Ohh.. Poor Rue!

Oooops! Sorry for the spoiler...

So from the bottom of my heart, I am thanking all of the people who organized this awesome event! To Nuffnang, Banana Boat and Schick Razor, more power to you guys and until next time! 

PS. The foods were yummy but the small toasted garlic bread broke the wire of my braces. Tsk tsk. Again, Thank you!!!
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