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Braces Update with Photos!

I don't want to do this. I really don't. I don't like to post any photos of my crooked teeth on the internet but because I am trying to be bolder as a blogger, I decided to do it no matter what. 

If you are new to this blog, I suggest you must read my previous entries about my teeth braces.
My teeth are really ugly so please bear with me okay? Teeth photos below.
teeth gap, gappy teeth
See that STPD gap!

See that gap? That was my main problem before but after months of complaining about it, I did not realize that my entire teeth were moving. It started when the dentist removed a huge tooth and it has created this huge gap that causes my teeth to move like that. 

PS. I discovered a home-based solution for small teeth gaps like the one I had. Read my post entitled "How to fix teeth gaps without going to the orthodontist".

teeth braces, cheap dental braces manila philippines
First time to have some braces

So this was my teeth looked like when I first had my dental braces. I waved goodbye to that STPD teeth gap so YAYY! It was still not aligned properly but I think it is getting better.

First adjustment

Hurrah for my first dental braces adjustment! The first thing that I realized was dental braces adjustment is too painful compared to the installation itself. As you can see here, my dentist tightened the rubber in front teeth to make it more compressed. She also pushed  my protruding tooth a little bit to align them with my other teeth. 

For my next adjustment, my dentist needs to remove a tooth on the lower part of my gums because they are too crowded over there. It's gonna be painful but I know I can tolerate it. It is for the better right?

Did you know that my dentist offers cheap dental braces in Manila? For only 5,500 pesos, you can have braces for your upper and lower teeth. Plus 1,000 pesos every month for adjustment. You can click the tiny square image on my sidebar to know more about it.

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