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Braces Adjustment and Facial Plus Experience

This past few months were the most toxic months in my life ever because of my ojt. I prefer not to talk about my experiences in my on the job training here anymore because someone in the office is reading this blog. Scarryyyy.

So enough with OJT talk okay?
Today, March 18. I finally had my first dental braces adjustment. Hurray!

I guess, the procedure is not that painful just like the first time. My dentist removed the wire and rubbers, clean my teeth a little bit and voila! She made me choose my rubber for the month of April and May. I chose red btw. ;)

My mom also had her dental braces today. We are now a brace face family or metal mouth family. Lol!

My dentist also thanked me for the people that I referred to her. Of course, I also wanted to thank those people who trusted me and took my advice. Again, I will promote my dentist for a hundred times! Hah! If you are looking for a cheap teeth braces in Manila, go to my dentist as early as now! As in NOW! :)

After going to the dentist... My mom and I went to Victory Mall in Caloocan and saw this newly opened facial clinic that is now having their promo. For only 250 pesos, you will have a chance to have a facial cleaning for two! I repeat, 250 pesos = facial cleaning for two!!! Since we love cheap things, we decided to give it a try although the clinic is new to us.

Facial Plus Clinic
My phone was out of battery so my built in camera will not work so I just used my camera's application called "Lomo Effect". I really love this application because I don't need to edit some photos in Photoshop.

What are you looking at? Haha!
This photo has a "Dreamy Effect". I like it. :)

Anyway, the staffs in Facial Plus were good. They removed a lot of junk in my face. Let us see if they did it the right way. I don't have a contact number of the clinic but you can visit them at Victory Mall, 3rd floor
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