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OJT Experience: Week 02

I can't believe that second week of my on-the job-training is over and I already have more than fifty hours. 

If you haven't read my first week in OJT, you better check it out. For those people who were asking me where I am taking my OJT, This is the first and last time that I will say it okay?


It is at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation in Times Plaza in front if United Avenue Station. Google it for more details. ;)

For my second week, I just did some old tasks like in my first week. It is not really draining but I can't help myself not to be stressed out because I am surrounded with IT people who are all busy answering everyone's complaints about their computer stuff.

I am now using the computer more often preparing the department's inventory system. Yes, it is a boring job but I am willing to do anything just to get through it.

I don't have friends yet and I am not sure if I can meet any because I am training in a very busy building where people keep on moving doing what they have to do. That is why I am trying not to be idle for long time for me to get moving without even noticing the time.

Yesterday, it was Thursday afternoon when one of the IT people celebrated his birthday in the office and he bought a lot of food for the entire IT department. Of course, I am not planning to grab some food because I am just a trainee and I am not even close with the celebrant but all of them insisted that I should eat or they will not sign my clearance in the end. I felt that I belong...

I can also say that I am learning a lot of new things about IT that I never learned at school but I am not saying that it is enough because I am not even halfway of the learning process of becoming an IT person. Yes, there are regrets. There are lots of them. If only I could turn back time and study again. I would if I could.

Enough with drama... Let me share this photo of my lonely orange. Lol
Little orange cheering me up in my cubicle.
I got the orange from my mom's office that is kind of near the building where I am training. I ate this little guy affterwards. Lol! I am so heartless!

I think this is it. My next blog post will be about my teeth braces. The pain that I experienced at home and work. 

Have a good day fellas! :) Drop your comments and I will drop mine to your blog too. :D

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