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OJT Experience: Week 01

Finally! My OJT hours are beginning to decrease and I am on my second week now. My tasks are all mixed up like there are times that I am answering phone calls, doing some presentation for a meeting and doing the inventory which is I think the hardest of them all. Answering complaints on the help desk is also frustrating because there are people who are really furious about something and I kind of absorbed their emotions and it feels really bad in my side.

What I am starting to hate is waking up early in the morning around 6 am to prepare for the job and I am constantly getting 6 hours of sleep everyday.
Okay enough with venting... I am going to post some photos instead because I know you all like pictures! 

This is my very own desk. Don't mind the flower pink pig. Lol!

This is where I do the presentations and playing some interactive games on my phone when I am bored. I think I am always bored. Here at work, time runs slowly. It's like seconds are becoming minutes and minutes become an hour. WTF!!!!!

I am bored...

If you are going to visit the company, you must bring a jacket because it is freaking cold inside! Sometimes, my hands are getting numb like a corpse.

I think I am getting busier every week because my tasks are increasing.

During my lunch break (12:00 to 1:30), I always visit this book store to browse all of their novels but I am not planning to buy any. What I am always doing is I read the entire book all at once. I already finished 2 short novels in just a week and the staff of the bookstore are aware of what I am doing. Haha!

See? I have tons of books to read and I have 11 weeks to finish them all! I hope they will not ban me from getting in the book shop. :p

Twitter Book? Seriously???
I also spotted this book about Twitter and I found it absurd because twitter is so self explanatory and I think most people can use it without even reading a step by step guide. 

To sum everything up, my first week in OJT is a bittersweet feeling. I can't fully explain it but I want to finish this thing as soon as possible!

Until next time fellas! I hope I can say positive things in my next blog about my OJT experiences...

Can you share your OJT experiences with us?
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