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Fun Weekend at Alabang Town Center

I am going to stop blogging about my OJT experiences for a while because it is too intoxicating!

So for a change, I am going to blog about my weekend at Alabang Town Center with my cousin. Actually, it was an unplanned movie date and luckily, everything went perfectly fine. Since the movie (we watched Chronicle) starts at 2 pm, we decided to take photos for my assignment in my Multimedia class. I am really thankful for my amazing cousin! 

My assignment in Multimedia is about endorsing a product and making an advertisement for that specific product. What I did is I borrowed my cousin's iPod and modeled it like a pro. lol! If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I really want to be a model. You can see some of my photos here and here

Anyway, I just wanna share some of my photos advertising an iPod touch. Photos were taken by my cousin Steff using my newest phone, Galaxy S. :)

The gadget is too thin so you can barely see it.
Kind of serious. I am pretending that I am talking to someone.
Me holding the shining iPod! 
The photo shoot was a huge success so I was really happy and you can see it on the big smile on my face. :)
Again, the photos above were taken by my awesome cousin. Thanks couz! I wish I knew your blog URL so I can give you some link love.

I crossed-process all of the photos using my mom's photoshop CS2 and I am not sure if the quality is the same as mine. Please bare with me.

About the Chronicle movie that we have watched that day, maybe I will review it on my next bog post because I am really sick of ranting about my OJT experiences. 

What can you say about my photos? I need some feedback...

Until next time fellas!
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