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Feeling Lucky Today

There is always rainbow after the rain and I proved it correct because after all of those sleepless nights and restless days thinking about a company for my on-the-job training (OJT) where I inquired to hundreds ( I am exaggerated to add some thrill) of online job advertisement but none of them responded to my emails. 

I think you already have an idea why I am feeling very lucky today. Yes, I got hired as a trainee in a decent and reputable company just as I imagined. If you are following my blog, you should have known that I am aiming for the best OJT experience for myself because this is once in a lifetime opportunity and I can't ever repeat it in my entire life unless I repeat college. Another thing is that there is a possibility for me to be absorbed if I did great. I am very thankful for the trust that they have given to me.

I think it would be better for me not to mention the name of the company and the people behind this but thanks to all of you guys! All I can say is that this company is already on top of the industry that they have provided my own cubicle with computer and the like. I am going to be one of their designers and it is going to be exciting.

Did I mention that it is located in an area full of amazing places like casinos etc? Maybe someday, I will try to visit this place and push my luck. I might win millions of pesos that I don't need to work anymore and live like a boss. I never tried to play this kind of game before so I can't tell if I have the luck in the casino but I can say that playing this game might really hurt if you gamble everything and you lose. tsk tsk. Too bad if that's going to happen.

PS: Image not mine.

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