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Cheap Teeth Braces in the Philippines

I know that there are lots of Filipinos who are still looking for a dental clinic that offers cheap teeth braces so that they can save money for other things. Well I have a good news for all of you because I think I found one of these dental clinics that can fix your teeth problem for a cheaper or rather affordable price. The bad news is, this is located at Caloocan City so our folks from other region cannot access the clinic. 

Last Sunday, February 12, 2012 my mom and I went to this clinic because I have problems with my teeth which is having a gap that keeps on expanding and this is kind of irritating because the position of my teeth is also being affected so I decided to put on some braces.

I wrote a blog post about the entire procedure and the feeling of having teeth braces for the first time so you must really check it out.

Without further adieu, I am going to reveal my dentist's contact number so that you can call her and make an appointment. I think she is available every Saturdays and Sundays because she is working in a prestige hospital during weekdays.

Don't forget to say my name because she is going to ask about the person who referred you to her. Just say Darrel or Deej okay? ;)

My dentist is Dr. Alma Junio Nickolson who is a graduate from Centro Escolar University and offering cheaper rates when it comes to teeth braces. 

For as low as 5,500 pesos for down payment and 1000 pesos every month for adjustment. Isn't it so cheap?

Her clinic is located at 618 PNR Compd. Samson Rd. Caloocan City. You can contact her with these numbers:


Clinic hour is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Don't forget to set an appointment by calling her using the numbers that I have provided.

Whew! That is a lot of typing! If you want to have the best smiles ever, go to a dental clinic that offers cheap teeth braces

PS. Do not forget my name okay? Simply say Darrel or Deej who blogs about teeth braces.
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