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Blog about Teeth Braces

I finally have my teeth braces because my teeth's structure is becoming worst! Since this is something new for me, I decided to post something about this for people who are planning to have teeth braces in the future.

To give you a little background, I had my teeth gap last year and my nightmare started with that. The positioning of my teeth are changing every month and it is not a good feeling. I can also feel that my teeth gap is becoming larger and larger. If you can remember, I posted something about how to close a teeth gap without going to the orthodontist and until now, it is having a lot of comments.

So this is it. Expect to see some blog posts about my teeth braces and I will try my best to make it informative and useful for future preferences.


It has been 5 hours since I have it and my teeth are becoming sensitive. I can't almost eat a small piece of cake because I find it irritating for my teeth. :(

The Procedure

It was not really painful. It was more on comfortableness of opening your mouth for almost 2 hours. If your mouth is sensitive, it is advisable to have a mini break to avoid having a jaw-lock.

Putting the braces took me 1 and a half hour and I think it was so fast. Again, it was not painful at all! 


So far, I am having fun with my teeth braces on but I am not sure if I can still feel the same the next day. I am also starting to feel uncomfortable when eating something. My mom bought some oatmeal and mushroom soup so I can start my liquid diet maybe tonight.

I will upload some photos of my teeth as soon as possible so watch out for that!

Until next time Guys! ;)

Follow my blog to get updates about my teeth braces... If you have questions, do not hesitate to post it on the comment box.

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