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Unofficially Back!

Hello there! As you can see, I kind of neglected this blog for months now because of certain things like I found a long-term job that gave me lots of money last yuletide season. Aside from that, I got busy documenting our thesis and it is not yet done. But I guess I can update this blog at least once or twice a week so be ready for my visits and future updates.

So what can you say about my newest blog templates? It is not yet done and I am still working on it. The best thing about this template is I created it by myself. I got tired of downloading premium themes that are over the top and kind of overused so I decided to come up with my very own theme. I think this is my first time to apply darker theme on my blog because I am not really into it. I love minimal themes with white background and I am not sure what happened to my taste.

I can't promise that I can keep on blogging continuously because there are a lot of things that are going to happen weeks from now and it will consume most of my time plus my mom wants me to have a part-time job again so that she can save more money for the future. But now that I have free time, then I will blog as long as I have something to blog. I must admit that blogging has been part of my life and I won't stop on doing this.

So I guess this is it for now and I will try to visit some of my friend's blogs and say hi. Wait for my future updates with photos! 
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