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My Zambales Getaway!

After all of the things that I have been through these past few months, I decided to have a 3-day vacation as a treat for myself because I am aware that I will be terribly busy with my OJT this coming February and I am still looking for an IT Company here in Manila that accepts students for their OJT

I brought Elu with me and I decided to leave her with my little sister because I might not spend so much time with her when she is here in Manila. The good thing is mom bought two more bunnies to accompany Elu and it's like a reunion for the bunnies.

Elu, Woody and Jessie
My Uncle and I also made this bunny house. Isn't it cute? It has second floor and unlimited hay! Yay!

Of course, my vacation in Zambales will never be completed without the beach so the whole family went to the beach right away. The bunnies came with us and they also enjoyed the sand.

Elu endlessly hopping on the sand

We were not able to do in the water because it was windy and the waves were strong and high so we decided to sit and watch the sunset. I love sunset.

The next day, we went to West Coast, a private beach resort in Botolan, Zambales where we stayed for more than 3 hours. We definitely enjoy swimming in the pool and had a lot of fun under the sun. It feels like it was summer already.

I knew it! I was born to be a model! :p
I am definitely the Filipino top male model! LoL 
I really had fun and I am surely going to miss everything! 3 months to go and I am off to school and I am kind of scared with the future. But now, I am going to enjoy my last 3 months in college and make the most of it. 

Until next time fellas! 

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