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The Janelle Manahan Video Scandal Controversy: Just Sayin'

So there is a video that is circling the internet like a wildfire about the video scandal of Janelle Manahan and her boyfriend Ramgen Revilla having sexy time in the bathroom and I have heard that there is a part two of this video where they shoot in the bedroom. Although Janelle confirmed that they were really the ones in the video, I think it is not ethical to watch nor share the video in public because she is dealing with serious problems regarding the death of her beloved boyfriend.

I mean c'mon people! Ramgen Revilla (the guy in the video) is already dead and he left his girlfriend in despair and until now, she is facing a lot of serious problems and issues after the killing incident so I guess we all should leave her alone and do her thing plus she is recovering from the attack and she was also severely damaged.

So for those people who are sharing and watching their video scandal, shame on you! There are so many pornographic websites on the internet so there are so many reasons for you not to watch their scandal and leave the girl in peace in times like this.
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