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Frustrated with OJT!

Deej is a sad clown :'(
This feeling sucks and I hate it.

I never imagined that looking for a company for my OJT will suck like this because I overestimated everything. I thought that everything is going to be fine so I too a 3-day vacation hoping to start my training after the fun. BUT I AM FREAKING WRONG!!!

I arrived here in Manila and I found out that all of my classmates in OJT are freaking out and they are still looking for a company and so do I. What really frustrates me is that most of them formed a group so that they could train in the same company and I was left all by myself. 

Another thing is that most companies are looking for a programmer or troubleshooter which I am not really good at. I am more on the field of Multimedia and other stuff so I will never be fitted in those companies. 

Our 500 hours of OJT period start last Monday so it means that I am running out of time and I don't have a company yet!

Early this afternoon, I went to UN Avenue at Times Plaza and looked for a company that accepts IT trainees like me. Fortunately, I found Magsaysay company and the HR interviewed me right away! I was not prepared at all!

I guess that the interview went well and the guy said that I should go back tomorrow to give some of the documents like the recommendation letter from my school. 

I guess that there is a chance for me to get hired because if they are not interested with me, they should not make me go back in their company. Okay, forget it. Just a wishful thinking.

My mom said that it is okay to train in a crappy setting because it will never be forever but I want everything to be special and I don't like crappy things so as much as possible, I want to train in a reputable company that will really mold me as an IT person.

I hope that the HR found me interesting because we really had fun during the interview although I consider that as an ambushed one. Hah!

I will still look for a company tomorrow just to be sure and if everything sucks, then I will follow mom's not-so-good advice.

Til next time fellas! 
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