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Baby Elu

I have always wanted to have my own pet because I am feeling lonely everytime I stay here in my room so I decided to buy one.

I have been thinking about buying hamster or guinea pig but I think we have plenty of mice here in our house and they might bully my pets. Lol

So I came up with a baby bunny. Actually, I don't consider this baby bunny as my own pet because everytime I own something, they end up dead or broken. It sounds unbelievable but it is proven correct. Mom has a theory about this and she concluded that I have warm hands for everything. 

Baby Elu

This baby bunny above is none other than "Elu". She is one month old and really adorable. I named her after my ultimate crush's pet cat (I am talking about Allison Harvard).

I can say that she is a happy bunny who loves to run and jump on my bed. She also wants to eat a lot of cabbages but I am giving her ample amount for her diet because bunnies cannot control their appetite. They will eat if there is something to eat that might affect their overall health so a diet for baby Elu is a MUST!

So I will be featuring baby Elu's status here on my blog so if you are pet lover, you must stick around for more post about Elu!

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