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Supersurf50 Reached 800 MB Bandwidth

This is what I hate about Globe Telecom’s promo regarding their unlimited internet services for globe tattoo users. Supersurf50 is an internet promo of globe tattoo prepaid that enables its users to surf the internet for the whole day (24 hours) but the problem about this is that they are limiting the internet usage by limiting the bandwidth itself. 

Before, I am using Supersurf50 for the whole day without experiencing any problem with my bandwidth but I do not know what happened with globe’s service.

I searched the internet for solution regarding the Supersurf50 800mb limit but I cannot find any tips and techniques. The best advice that I could give you is to limit your downloading activity. Avoid downloading large files because this will consume lots of MB or megabytes. 

You can also try their other promo that is called BASIC30 where you can access the internet for 24 hours. It is much cheaper compared to Supersurf50 but it will only limit your surfing experience with 4 social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, yahoo mail and youtube (they are all not social networking sites).

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