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I am now Twenteen Years Old!

Heyy! Today is December 04, 2011 and it means only one thing for me. Today is my birthday! If you are going to ask me what I feel about this, my emotions are pretty mixed up because I am not a teenager anymore and it only means that I am not getting any younger! This is too depressing because I enjoyed being a teen and I don't want to get over it yet.

On the positive side, mom and I just went to the Mall earlier ago to celebrate my birthday. We tried the new product of Pizza Hut which is the Tuscani Pizza. It was delicious and we enjoyed it a lot! Since I am a huge fan of thin crust pizza and lasagna so the Tuscani Pizza is a great deal!

After that, we visited a Derma Clinic because my Mom wants me to have a facial session again so she decided to treat me their. I forgot the name of the clinic but it was great although I hate going in there. It was just painful!

PS: I am thanking those people who greeted me on my facebook wall. I really appreciated all your thoughts! I love you all! ^^,
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