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Paradise and Dream Come True

Hello Guys! It has been 48 years since I last updated this blog because I have became super busy these past few weeks due to online projects. It really shows that I terribly in need of money this coming yuletide season.

I just want to inform you that I managed to survive Halloween and I am still alive and kicking. I still have tons of jobs to do including some stuff at school. Believe it or not, I am going to be a speaker in our school’s IT Tour in Laguna. Along with Nash, we will be going to discuss how to earn money online. I have been searching about some humor that I can use to make the flow of my seminar lively because people nowadays are huge fan of comedy. You know what. This is a big privilege for me as a blogger and freelancer; to share my knowledge with other people. I guess this is a dream come true for me. I hope that the audience will participate. *fingers crossed*

Another exciting thing that will happen this month is the celebration of Nash’s birthday that will be held in Bulacan where we stayed last August. Yes! We are going back to paradise!

I am still trying to find extra time to hijack keywords and do some SEO experiment. I learned a lot of new things about SEO because of my online job and I am so thankful about it. I guess this is long enough for an update? 

I will try to write more often. That is a promise. 

PS. What are you up to guys? I want to catch up with you all! 
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