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Tips on how to get a job on oDesk

Christmas season is coming and I know that all of us need money as early as now. Since I am not a graduate yet, I can't go out in the corporate world and apply for a job. The competition is so tight and you have to be on top for you to get your dream job. So a while ago, I decided to step to another level and try working for an employer online. I started to build my account on oDesk.

oDesk is a website where you can find a lot of job opportunities. If you want to be a freelancer, then this website is perfect for your needs.

The competition in web designing, photo manipulating and other multimedia jobs are so tight that I feel so hopeless about them. I think that my knowledge is not enough for their requirements so I decided to apply as a freelance writer because I know that my skills in writing are enough.

In fact, I am hired now. I just created my account and applied for like 7 times and after a few minutes, I am hired. Someone asked my Skype account and did the interview and assessment. Guess what, I can start by tomorrow.

Here are my tips on how to get a job on oDesk easily:

1. Create a truthful profile. If you think that you are not that proficient in English, then say so. Be honest. Employers can determine if you are lying or not.

2. Take the readiness test. If you passed the readiness test on oDesk, you will have a chance to apply for 20 jobs every week. But if you don’t you can only apply for only 2 jobs. Luckily, I perfected the readiness test. Just review the terms and conditions and you will do well. It is an open source by the way.

3. Add something to your resume. My resume bar is now on its 95% because I don’t have something to add on my portfolio. I suggest that you add your educational background, previous jobs and some experiences regarding the job that you want to have. Just focus on one thing.

4. Think of a better cover letter. Your cover letter will depend on the job requirement. If the job needs someone who can manage time like a pro, then mention it. A cover letter cannot be that long as long as it is catchy and meaningful. Do not beg for a job. That is not professional. Stop using the word “I hope”. Be confident with your skills but don’t be so cocky about it.

I hope that you learned some tips about getting a job on oDesk quicker. If you are having a hard time with the readiness test, I can give you the answers there so you can ace it in just a minute. If you are not a member of oDesk yet, you can click the banner below.

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