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Paypal Account was Frozen

Yes. I did something wrong with my Paypal account that is why it freezes for like almost a month. What terrified me the most was that some of the paypal users who got their account frozen were not able to fix the problem that is why paypal will hold their account for 180 days. That's why I searched for a lot of methods on how to fix a frozen paypal account.

I have visited lots of forum sites for pinoy paypal users and they said that they just called paypal via skype or landline and said the reason about the malicious activity that paypal noticed. 

So if you are curious about what I have done, here it is: You know how much I love using my knowledge about tweaking everything right? Yes, I am using a free internet using my globe tattoo and I am not paying any dime for it. I accidentally logged in to my account using this free internet and they detected a malicious IP address because I am just using a proxy. This is not okay with Paypal. I have read in their policy that using a proxy address is prohibited that is why they freezes my paypal account. Bummer huh!

How did I fix the issue?

It was pretty simple. I just verified my account. I applied for my EON card and deposited 200 pesos. I also made my cyber account that is a feature of UnionBank Philippines.

I am happy to announce that my paypal account is up and running now. I can withdraw money and do some shopping soon. Haha! This also motivates me to work hard online. 

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