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My Awful Less Ice McFloat!

I always dine at Mcdonalds in Recto Manila near University of the East and I always order McFloat. They always provide me good service but I just can’t stand this awful McFloat that I had yesterday. This is the reason why I haven’t enjoyed my merienda yesterday and I hate having an unpleasant merienda time! *smirk*

Blogger is having problems with uploading photos. I will update this post as long as they fix this.

Since it was raining yesterday and it was pretty cold, I decided to order a McFloat with lesser Ice cubes. Take note that McDonald’s always serve McFloat with too many Ice cubes with lesser Coke and I kind of hate it. It’s kind of unfair paying 25 pesos for a glass full of ice cubes!

I never thought that a McFloat with lesser ice would be as awful as this. They literally lessen the ice as well as the Coke! How was that? Take a look with the sundae. It doesn’t look like a sundae at all. I will never give them credit here!Hah!

I am not saying that McDonalds disgusted me and I will surely dine there again soon. I just hate the service that they had given me yesterday. 

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