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Applied for my EON Card

Just got home after applying for my EON Card at the Unionbank in UN Avenue. My mom accompanied me there because her office is just a few walk away from there. I thought that getting an EON card is slow because I always hear complaints about it. But it just took me for like less than 10 minutes to apply. For the ID, I just presented my school ID. The person in charged there was asking for an ID from the government but I don't have postal ID. Luckily, I brought my Birth Certificate so they let me apply for my EON account. Make sure that your birth certificate came from NSO or else, they will reject that.

I did not pay yet because I will be claiming my eon card after 3 to 4 business days. They also said that they will be texting me the card is ready. All I have to do is go back there and pay 350 pesos after claiming the card.

Let us see if they can make my EON card right on time. I am so excited to transfer my funds from paypal to that card because there are so many events in school that I need to pay. 

What about you? What are your experiences in applying for your EON Card? Any bad experiences from the service of Unionbank? Be heard! Comment below.

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