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We Finally Passed Thesis A!

I am so glad to announce that we passed Thesis A a while ago. We had our re-defense during in the afternoon and it went well. The panelists wanted us to highlight the topics that they instructed us to revise like the theoretical framework, dataflow diagrams and the result of the survey and interview. We stand in front for like less than 10 minutes before they announced that we can proceed to Thesis B this coming term which will be on Monday. The feeling of accomplishment after those sleepless nights was the best feeling ever! I want to shout that I passed Thesis A! It's like I am the happiest guy on earth!

I just enrolled the prerequisite subject of Thesis A and I am kind of nervous. I am not sure if we can make the program well so I am terrified about this. I hope we could make it. Too bad I haven't enjoyed our sembreak. I was planning to go to our province pa naman. I heard that Cebu Pacific is having the piso fare promo and I guess that today is the best day to avail that. *grin*

Since I am not that busy with thesis, expect my comments on your blogs. :) I miss doing this! And I miss you all! :)
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