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The Secret Circle and Teen Wolf - Like Em!

After passing the Thesis A, I have been slacking the whole day and decided to watch several TV shows. Hopefully, I saw these awesome TV series that really caught my attention and so far, I am enjoying the story of these 2 shows. I am just downloading them on the internet so I can watch it anytime.

The Secret Circle Poster

The Secret Circle is a story of "6 witches" although there are 3 guys in the circle. Their families are all connected and they have to be together so their powers will be unlimited and unbeatable. The series is on its 3rd episode so I am sure it's easy to catch up. The characters that the witches are portraying are not yet definite but I think they might fight each other or some of them might be the antagonist. *not yet sure*

Another one is Teen Wolf. I am not a huge fan of vampires nor werewolves but the pilot episode of this TV show really caught my interest. This is a story of a below average teenager who got bitten by a werewolf in the woods then changes began to happen as day goes by. This is a twist of action, comedy and romance. This has started months ago and I am trying to catch up. I am not sure if this is on its second season.

If you want some links where you can download these TV series for free, just notify me on the comment section of this page. What is/are your favorite TV series as of now?
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