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Our Bulacan Experience! Thesis Break!

I am starting to hate the word thesis. It is making my life miserable and unhealthy but I have to fight it. I have to finish what I have started and I have to pass this thing. Last wednesday, I spent my night at my friend's house in Novaliches to do some thesis tasks. Hopefully, I accomplished something huge! The day after, we decided to go to Bulacan to spend some quality there and wind up.

We never expected that our classmate has this huge house in Bulacan since he's not really flaunting about what he has. I therefore proved that we must not really judge a book by its cover. Look how huge his house is.
This is not all. They also have hectares of property. 
We arrived at 12 I guess. We ate our lunch and it was tinola which is one of my favorites. Did I already mention how accommodating his parents are? They even wanted us to sleep there but we can't because we have to go to school the day after that. They said that we can go back there if we have free time. An overnight stay would be so awesome!
Just projecting... :)
Nash took this photo... 

Hot or Not? I am a slovenian model right? :p

We also decided to take a shower in the rain and run around their backyard. It was cold and muddy but we definitely had fun for real. We somehow managed to forget everything except for fun and that is important. 

After this experience, we felt we are so pump up and ready to do anything. Thanks to my friends who really made this trip possible. Credit to Nash for the photos. She is a really good photographer.
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