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Got Something New!

Despite of my very hectic schedule doing our thesis, I still managed to check out my blogs and update them. As a matter of fact, I created my first online store this week while doing our thesis to prove that I just can't contain myself in school works and be miserable for the whole term. I think I need a life outside this room.

Final defense is just around the corner and everyone who are taking Thesis-A are really depressed and almost panicking. Okay. I am gonna stop whining about thesis! I am starting to hate that word!

I just dropped by to say that I got something new! Aside from my online store, I also created another entertainment blog since Llama's Journal became successful and now having a lot of unique visitors everyday. I named my newest blog "Pinoy Chismoso" not that I am not really chismoso in real life but I just love being updated. I am still planning if I am gonna buy its new domain or will it stay with a blogspot on it.

That's all for today guys!
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