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Future Plans

1 day to go and we will be having our thesis' final defense and I am now freaking out! We haven't completed some of the requirements yet and I guess we will be cramming tomorrow and add the extra time we need to review everything from Chapter 1 to Chapter 6. I am now planning on the things I need to do after this defense although I still have my Thesis B next term. I am still deciding if I will come to my friend's party in Laguna. They will be having some party in a resort there overnight. They are requiring everyone to come but I am not yet sure. I am not in the mood to swim.

What I want to do is visit my grandparents in the province (Zambales) because I terribly miss the so much and I know they do too. 3 or 4 days would be enough for me to spend some quality time with them. Second term is just around the corner and I really need to maximize that break. I wish I was rich so I could ride a galapagos cruise ship anytime I want. That would be a pleasure with me and my family. Just wait for me because someday, I am going to super rich! Hah! 

But you know what. I really hate planning because most of the time, what I have planned in the past did not even happened. Sometimes I was thinking that planning is just a waste of time. Instead of planning, just go with it and cherish and try to enjoy everything that come to your way. It is just a matter of perfect timing, good decision and positive thinking. 

What about you? Do you love/hate planning? Why or why not? This is an essay so better answer it correctly! Haha! Kidding. :)
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