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Expect the Unexpected

I have been so busy these past few days and I was not able to have any regular sleep aside from a lot of power naps. I thought that my busy days will end last Monday but I was wrong since the panelists gave our thesis a "major revision". I know that it was a huge mess for us because it was like all of our hard works went into nothing. Because of this,I became so depressed that I can't eat well nor sleep well thinking that this might be the end or I might enroll the same subject this term which is a very awful thing to happen. I have exerted a lot effort to this one and we must pass this thing!
People did not expect this to happen. I did not see it coming so I really learned a huge lesson with this. I learned that we should be very ready and expect the unexpected. Don't rely with what you are hearing. Don't be fooled by small things because they might be the cause of your downfall.

Tomorrow will be our last shot. If we mess things up, we will definitely fail. Earlier, we already printed and photocopied the materials that we are going to need tomorrow so that we have a lot of time to study and change if there has to changed. I am not enrolled yet and term-3 will start on Monday. Wish me luck guys!  
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