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When Good President Became Bad President

A blog post that is related to politics is a huge risk for us bloggers because the perceptions of everyone of us are not constant about the same exact thing. I just want you to know that I am not a veteran when it comes to topic like this. I just want to say my opinion about this issue. This is my blog anyway. I am paying for the domain and everything so I have the right to do and say what I want here.

I just noticed that almost all of the people who became the Presidents here in the Philippines became an evil to the public after their respective terms. A good example of that is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. At first, she was being exalted by the public because of her strong personality. But now, Gloria is facing a lot of problems because of what she did in the past. Was she became a bad President? I think yes. Although the allegations about her dong some malicious magic during the election was not yet confirmed officially, it is therefore obvious that it was true. Everything was true. Now, majority of the people hates her so much that they want to do what the Americans did to Barrack Obama. They put an Anti Obama bumper stickers to their cars and other vehicles to show their hates to Barack. 

I just want to say that what I have said here on this blog post are my opinion about this heated controversy. If you like to say what you have to say regarding this issue, you are free to comment here or go to a CafePress that is open for haters or neuters. It is up to you on how you perceive everything that had happened or is happening.

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