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Tagalog Pickup Lines

Since I don't have something to blog about for today because my day just circulated with stressful thesis and some problems regarding school of course. Thank God  I am not in a relationship because I know that it will also add up. I just want to experiment with a keyword called tagalog pickup lines. I found out that this keyword is attracting a lot of traffic to certain websites out there and the traffic is insane! I wish I could have blogged about them later but I did not. I wonder what happened.

Tagalog pickup lines are used for facebook status message or guys simply throw those pickup lines to the girls they like. They are often funny or cheesy or what they call corny but most of the time, it really makes a difference if you know a bunch of tagalog pickup lines; the cheesier the better!

I want to share these links that have cheesy pickup lines. They are combination of tagalog and english pick up lines and you are free to copy and send them to your loved ones or make them as your facebook status. 

I am going to post my very own collection of tagalog pickup lines for 2011 soon so watch out for that. I just need a good resources and time. If you know funny pickup lines you are so free to share it with us. Just proceed to the comment section. I might include it on my collection. I will give credits to you.
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