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Party's Theme is Killing me!

Is it true that Womens Apparel is easy to find than Men's Apparel? My mom said that a while ago when we were at the mall looking for my outfit for our school's acquaintance party. It took us 3 hours before we bought my outfit. The theme of the party is semi-formal to formal which is the same concept as our last year's theme.

Last year, I wore a black long-sleeve with bloody red neck time. I based it on a goth's attire because my partner for that night was wearing the same color.

Now, I am having a hard time to decide what to wear. I am afraid I might repeat that outfit this time. FYI, I just bought a vest at Folded and Hung and a V-Neck shirt from Hanes. I am planning to wear that after the party because we will be bar hopping after that formal party. 

Let's go back to my proposition, what is the easiest to find Women's Apparel or Men's Apparel? For me, women's apparel is easy to find because they can always come up with a mix and match item and there are a lot of accessories that they can use to come up with a new look. Compared to Men's apparel where we have limited accessories to put on so if you repeat the same apparel, people will notice that. So frustrating.

Do you have any tips on what to wear in a formal party? Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
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