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Old School is Cool!

Never in my entire life thought that old school is cool until today. I decided to read comic book here on my laptop and I already downloaded the volume #1 of Uncanny X-Men.  decided to read the entire comic strip after reading the not so famous mutants there and found out that there was indeed a mutant named empath and that really catches my attention since I believe that I am an empath but not mutant empath. LOL!

Then I realized that old school will always be cool. How come I ignored the existence of these awesome comic book before? Thanks to google and curiosity about that empath mutant. I know that there are a lot of good old things still hidden for me but I am sure that I will manage to discover them all one at a time. Right now, I just enjoy reading uncanny xmen #1 on my laptop, so far so good.

Change topic. I am glad that I now owned the keyword tagalog cheesy pickup lines. The traffic of my blog about text messages is surely happy by now. 

Anyway, what is your perception about old school? What are the things you remember when you hear or read the word "Old School"?
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