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I'm Pressured

Sorry for not updating this blog regularly because I am so busy at school with paper works, events and thesis. Although my subjects are fewer than my sophomore and junior year in college, our thesis really consumes my time. I can't even do blog hopping and leave my comments on my blog followers because of this. I really miss having the time of my life where I can do whatever I want to do without thinking things I don't want to do like thesis or something. I just want to have fun all the time.

Speaking of a hectic schedule, it's been months since I stop lifting weights. It's not that I am tired of it but I can't find enough time to do it unlike before where I have a lot of idle time! Oh I miss those days! I don't even need weight loss bars for me to be slim aside the fact that I am so slim people call me a stickman. I think I am getting slimmer as day goes by although I am always hungry, I feel that I am not even gaining weight whatever I eat. Oh my this is frustrating! I think pressure is killing me slowly! *just overreacting*

First term will be ending this September so I am looking forward doing things I love the most~blogging and earning. I am sure that this phase of my life will come to its end and yes! I will definitely pass Thesis!

I am asking you. what do you do when you are under pressure? Any tips? Feel free to leave your comment! :)

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