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I want to be a DJ!

Last friday, I attended our school's acquaintance party in Timog Quezon City. The party was good but last year's party was better. After the party, my friends called me and asked if I want to go with them to the bar so I hurriedly said yes. I was so eager to have some drinks that night because it has been 3 months since I last drunk beer.

One of my friends has a guest list in Bliss Bar (forgot its complete name) in front of Zirco Bar. Since we were in the guest list, we paid nothing for the entrance. I can say that the bar was over crowded and the cigarette smokes were suffocating. I am not sure how did I manage to stay there for a long time.

I noticed these pretty DJ. Yes, they were pretty because they were ladies! I wonder how to be a certified DJ? I am an IT student and I want to have a part time job soon which is to be a disk jockey like those girls.

I heard that there is a school or institute in Caloocan where they train their students to be a DJ. It is just a mini course that is a part of their curriculum. Maybe someday I am going to check that out and inquire if I can afford because I really want to be a DJ! :)
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