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I Celebrate Blog Day by Choosing 6 Awesome Blogs!

I decided to celebrate blog day with Nuffnang Philippines by picking up 6 new blogs that caught my attention for the past few months or weeks. The bad thing is I have a lot of favorite blogs here and I only have to choose 6 of them. Hmmm I must think really hard for this one. I need drum roll please...:)

I simply love quotable quotes especially those tagalog cheesy pickup lines of this blog. I love its content and very helpful for texters like me who wants to send jokes and quotes all the time. 

This 2 week old blog that is competing for anime manga related topics against those power blogs about the same niche. Just like the first one, I simply love manga series like naruto, bleach, one piece and more. This blog is very updated with the latest buzz of my favorite anime manga series. Lurve it!

This 3 month blog is very dedicated to bring truthful verdicts on the products he have tried before. I also love its promo section where he post ongoing contests and freebie giveaways. 

I love the way juggle blogging and studying plus the way she carry her baggage just like thesis or something. I can relates with some of her blog posts and she's my friend in facebook! LoL! I also love the creativity of her blog. You can see it on the blog name. Maarteh but she's not really maarte! *oha!*

Free tarot card readings is what it offers. It also showcase the weird yet awesome world of a baby psychic. The owner of this blog just discovered his ability and now managing to explore the psychic realm by doing interesting mind activity. He is a veteran but I know he will get what he wants in the end. The journey has just began for him and his psychic abilities.

This is the first filipino blog about the author's dreams. Yes! This blog is all about the author's dreams every night. A dream journal, that is what he call it. It's weird yet interesting because who might thought that the real and dream world are really connected with each other. The author is interested in lucid dreaming that really caught my attention. The author's dreams are indeed magical because they do happen as it happened in his sleep. *Creepy*

There you go guys! I am sorry for some of my blogger friends who are not listed here in my list. You are all freaking awesome! :D

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