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Free internet- Would you grab it?

Filipinos love free stuffs. Who would not want to avail free stuffs right? It won’t hurt to grab it whether it is a small item or not. Personally speaking, I love freebies as much as I love buying fancy stuffs. I would really grab every opportunity just to have a freebie. 

What about free internet. Would you grab it? If you will just explore the internet, you will see different ways to access the internet without paying a dime. No, this is not a scam or bluff. In fact, I am using it right now. Since I am an IT student and soon to be an IT professional *naks*, I took the chance to maximize everything I learned from school. Hacking is not being taught to us but we are being familiarized with different terms and methods to use different softwares that are available.

Hate me for what I am doing but I won’t give a dang about it. As long as I am not hurting or stepping on individuals, (except for the Internet Service Providers) I will still use this knowledge to continue what I am doing. But using different softwares to access the internet for free has disadvantages as follow:

Your PC or laptop is prone to malwares or viruses so you will need stronger applications to destroy them. In my case, I am using an anti-virus plus anti-malware and I am cleaning my system almost everyday. To date, my laptop is running normally and I am not having any problem that has something to do with the software that I have installed.

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What about you? Do you love free stuffs? What about free internet access? Would you grab it? Be heard!

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