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Warm Hands for Gadgets?

I know that there are green hands or green thumbs for those people who can plant trees easily. My grandfather has it that is why every plant or tree he plants in the soil ends up blooming for a long period of time. But what about the warm hands?

I know this sounds weird because I haven’t heard any news or read any articles about warm hands that can destroy a gadget just by touching or owning them. Unfortunately, I am one of those unlucky ones.

Everytime my mom buys a gadget, she always own them before giving it to me. Like the laptop that I am using now and the mobile phone I have now. All of my gadgets are basically not my property. This sounds mind boggling. I, myself can’t explain it clearly. *LOL* 

They all believe that when I own something, it will be broken or die if I personally “”own” it. That is why my Mom said I should name the camera I am buying soon so that it won’t broke or something.

What about you? Do you have warm hands like mine? Do you always destroy your gadgets? Vent here! It’s free! 

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