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Tokay Gecko for Sale!

If you are looking for a tokay gecko or we all know as tuko in tagalog, I don’t have it here. In fact, I am not a seller of a tokay gecko and will never try to sell them. I have watched something about selling tokay gecko here in Manila, Philippines and those people are earning a lot of money! They are doing this as their jobs to feed their family members.

I am not really sure with the price of each gecko but it ranges from 500 to 700 pesos for a regular one but if it is larger than usual, it may cost high for like 100,000 and above. Well that really shocked me. In Zambales, we have a lot of Tokay gecko all over the trees creating these weird sounds. It made me want to go there and check if there are people who are making these creatures a business.
A Tokay Gecko or Tuko
So why is Tokay gecko in demand now? Well people in other countries believed that these creatures have the capability to heal diseases like AIDS and cancer (not sure what type of cancer). Of course they’ll going to kill these creatures in order to get the specific part that they believed can cure.

But the thing is there is no scientific explanation that confirms this belief. There are scientists who are still studying about the issue but no one appeared to confirm such a thing.

Tokay geckos are not yet endangered here in the Philippines but if this business continues, sooner or later, we won’t be hearing those weird sounds from Tokay geckos.

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