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Tarot Card Weekend!

I decided to create my very own version of blog meme since I am seeing a lot of bloggers out there having their internet memes like posting different concept of photos on their blogs or posting funny blog posts. I am not really familiar with internet memes because I haven’t joined any of them yet. So forgive me if I am not doing it the right way but I would like to present to you my very own meme!

I am calling it “Tarot Card Weekend”. You can see its 125x125 badge below. In this meme, I will be giving a free tarot card reading to the lucky bloggers who will be participating. I will be using a “Celtic Cross Spread” where you will know every aspect of your life like past, present and future. The best thing about this spread is it always gives an accurate result.
I am using the Tarot of the 78 Doors which I bought in Greenhills. I have been using my Tarot for like 2 months now and I am still in the process of learning. Take note that I am NOT a professional tarot card reader!

How to join Tarot Card Weekend?
  1. Participants must be familiar with Tarot Cards. Haters are not allowed to join. I don’t like negative energies.
  2. Copy the code of “Tarot Card Weekend” badge and paste it on your blog’s sidebar or footer or include it on your blog post. Once you did that, you can always consult my cards.
  3. If you are selected, drop me a message that contains your email address so I could mail the result to you.

Drop your comment if you are interested. I am gonna start the reading next Weekend! :)
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