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So it’s about the Content

I figured out the reason why my blogs became PR2 which is not a good thing for me because they were from PR3 before. I saw a lot of bloggers whining about the lost or decrease of their page ranks and I am still thankful that the big “G” did not actually snatch all of my juice. I think they still considerate some of my efforts.

Content is a King
I came to a conclusion that blog content still does matter. 150 words are not enough to get high page rank. Quality content is what I forgot because my schedule outside the blogosphere became really tight since I am dealing with a lot of problems in school. I posted a lot of memes or filler that consists of few words. I also accepted a lot of advertisers here in my blog because I of what I want to buy.

But now, my goal is to increase my blogs’ page ranks from PR2 to PR4! Expect quality contents from my blogs soon and I say no to filler posts! Content is indeed a King. So if you lost your page rank, what are the ways you are thinking to get it back? Share your thoughts with us and let us all regain our precious ranks!

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