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My 30 Seconds to Mars Experience

Last night, July 29, 2011, my cousin and I attended the concert of 30 Seconds to Mars at the Mindanao Parking lot area in TriNoma. I admit that I am not a huge fan of the band and I started listening to their maybe a week before the concert so I am not really familiar with their songs.

Ooooooh! Dark Clouds!

Patiently waiting...

We arrived at the venue at exactly 5:00 PM but the bouncers or guards did not let us in until 7. The clouds were dark and we were sure that it’s going to rain during the concert and it does! The weird thing was the bouncers did not allow us to open our umbrella within the vicinity (we completely understand why). The crowds in the silver area were great! We luckily managed to be in front of the barricade because my cousin said that it is the great spot in concerts like this.

The items being sold there were so expensive and I believe that they were not economically accepted. We bought a regular glass of Mountain Dew for 50 pesos and a very simple raincoat for 100 pesos each. Hmmm. Very much for a kuripot guy like me. :p

According to the concert coordinator, the concert will begin at 7:00 PM but because of the heavy rain, it was moved until 10-ish. The band Kjwan was the open act and it was okay but we really have to see the real band ASAP! We were all wet and wild at that time and I hope that I was not carrying any electronic device at that moment so I could just expose myself in the rain and rock on!

Finally, the band appeared and the crowd began to shout and jump like crazy ones. I just imitate them and do the same exact thing. I realized that their songs were so good that I wanted to download all of their tracks and play them again and again. I am a fan now.
I was wet, wild and haggard! LOL!
I can say that all of us really enjoyed the concert and I am really willing to attend another live concert. What about All Time Low this September? It was a great experience like it was my first time to attend a live concert of a band that I don’t follow, to stand in a heavy rain for 5 straight hours and party like a lunatic!

Have you been to the concert of 30 Seconds to Mars? What can you say? Did you have fun?

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