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Karma is in the air!

Not another rant post. I have been thinking this question over and over again. Should I move on and forget the past? I am not talking about my ex-girlfriend because it’s been years since I had one. *wink*

I am talking about my ex-friends who ditched me out of nowhere. It has something to do with our Thesis and Nash is very familiar with this issue. These ex-friends said that they will be forming a group for Thesis and that includes me. I hold on to that for like 1 year knowing that I already have a structured team during the Thesis subject. But in a span of week or two, I found out that they formed their own group leaving me hanging in the air.  I felt like cr@p at that moment.

Luckily, someone get me. They are really confident with my skills in documentation as well as their programming skills which are the most important things in thesis making. Right now, everything is going smoothly. I am really focused on our thesis documentation because I am proving something. I want to show my ex-friends who ditched me out what they have lost.

FYI, our group is one of the candidates as the “Best in Thesis” along with Nash’s team. The group of my ex-friends is having a very hard time with their thesis. Am I Happy? I am not sure but one thing is for sure, they threw the wrong guy and they will never get something from me anymore!

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