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Getting Better Now

My Internet connection sukcs big time for a couple of days now and it was very frustrating! Frustrated of my income here on the internet and for the available jobs that I should have done. Right now while typing this blog post, my internet connection is getting better. I can open some websites but I can't open a lot of tabs unlike before where I can finish blog hopping in just 15 minutes.

It's now 1:22 here on my clock and it means that I need to sleep because we will be having a title defense for our thesis proposals tomorrow. I need to be there at exactly 10:00 AM so we can prepare everything such as the PowerPoint Presentations, files and discuss everything with my two group mates.

It is sad to say that this blog is now PR2 (PR3 before). Well that's life right? PR2 is much more better than N/A. I know what went wrong and I am gonna do anything just to make everything right! PR5, here I come! :)
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