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Crush Videos in Philippines

It’s devastating to see an animal got killed by a bus or other vehicles in the road. It’s awful to see animals being tortured or killed by other people like hitting them or throwing them like a trash. I remember this controversy about a teenager who killed an innocent cat in the University of the Philippines. He even got noticed from different organizations including PETA.

Stop Animal Cruelty!
A crush video is a video about killing an animal by crushing their bodies using a barefoot. Like a chewing gum. It is also known as "crush fetish".

I can’t even believe that there are people in this world who are interested in watching these kinds of videos. It really breaks my heart knowing that several Filipinos are willing to be the killer in the video by getting paid. I mean this is the sickest job ever! Money can’t buy those poor lives of those animals. Mind you guys, karma is in the air. It would be delightful to see you being crushed in a video!

PS. I am not really an animal lover. I don’t have a pet yet but I feel sympathetic about those animals in the video and I can’t stand to let it pass easily. I am hoping that someday, the people behind this anomaly will be caught and face the consequences of what they are doing. 

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