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Around the City in a Day

Friday was a very busy day for me because I have a lot of things to do and events to go to. My first stop was at the Makati Coliseum were the opening of NAASCU was held and all of the students in our school are obliged to come. I arrived there at 8:00AM via Taxi. I just attended the first half of the event and decided to get out of there after lunch.

I had my lunch at the Waltermart along with my two friends in second year. We ate at Karate Kid and I decided to have a Japanese Pasta Burger. It was really great! We also went to the Arcade and sang our hearts off. Lol! Yes! I sang! :p Guess what, all of us got a 100 percent point. Heheh Maybe the videoke machine was defective or it was programmed like that.

It was 3:00 PM when I decided to go. I took a jeepney going to the LRT line (Libertad Station) and that was a huge mistake! From Libertad, I went to EDSA and from there; I rode MRT off to North Avenue. Take note that I was not familiar with these places. I just followed my instincts the whole time.

I was so lucky that I managed to be at the meeting place at the exact time. I arrived in Trinoma at 4:30PM. I fixed myself up because I was so ragged at that time and wait for my cousin. The concert of the 30 Seconds to Mars experience was meant for another blog post. Stay tuned!

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