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X-Men First Class Experience at Greenbelt 3!

Oh yeah! Last friday, I had the most amazing movie trip with some of my friends including Nash. Since we've won tickets for two on a contest of Hapee and Nuffnang, we decided to grab the freebie. The movie that we have watched that night was X-Men First Class and we all liked it! It was like the most awesome series of X-Men movies ever!

Since we have to be there at exactly 7:30 pm, we hurriedly went there from Recto! We traveled for like 2 hours and it was terrible! The streets were too crowded and it also rained! We were so haggard at that time! 

After 48 years! We arrived at the venue on time! :) I was overwhelmed with the crowd of bloggers with their family members and friends falling in line for the tickets! The person in charge with the ticket asked my blog URL and checked if I am in their list. After the confirmation, she finally handed me my tickets plus two boxes of Hapee with Cool Tech10!
Thank you very much Nuffnang and Hapee for the free movie experience!

We also had free ice cream! Yay! The whole experience was super awesome! I hope that they will have another free movie special screenings for bloggers. I will definitely join again! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Nuffnang and Hapee for this awesome weekend treat for bloggers!

Thanks for the company Nash! :D
Photo Credits to NashMicaell

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