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Tarot Readings and Shabu-Shabu!

I always bring my tarot deck with me wherever I go so I can do some readings easily. I can say that I have done a lot of tarot readings today. First is my professor in Software Engineering. She said that tarot card reading is not approved by their church/religion. But she still insisted because of curiosity I guess. The result was great. She was impressed because all of the cards that I have drawn were connected to what she is experiencing as of the moment.

My next clients were 3 of my friends. Again, out of curiosity, they tried my cards and again, they were impressed by the result. They also wanted to pay me extra bucks but I did not accept it.

My next experience today is I ate shabu-shabu with some of my friends. That was my first time eating a shabu-shabu and I had fun. The taste of the food was kind of unique to my tongue but I liked it. Too bad I was not able to capture images of what we ate.
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