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Project 30 Fail!

It's sad to say that my Project 30 fails! I announced the said project 8 days ago but unfortunately, I was not able to keep that up. I failed to publish 30 blog posts continuously so my project was a failure! But don't worry guys, I knew it from the start that my project's gonna fail by the way so I wasn't that surprised after all. :p

Pain in the a$$! 
Today is Monday and a holiday! I decided to stay at home to fix my things because we just moved in here yesterday. This new place is kind of smaller compared to our recent place. The internet connection is not that fast because the walls are very thick and we don't have free wifi! I know that sucks but what I personally like here is the accessibility. I don't have to walk just to ride a jeepney and our neighbors are quite compared before. Loud as Hell! 

Just finished watching Paul and it was great! He is 10x cooler that ET and Kokey! LOL! That's all for today guys and watch out for my next entries! :) Thanks for reading!
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