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Project 30 Days!

I have been seeing a lot of blogs doing this so called "Project 365" where they post photos or experiences non-stop for the entire year! What I am going to do now is what I call "Project 30" where I will post something like random photo for the day or something I want to blog about. I am doing this because I want to try if I can keep things up. I want to test myself if I can juggle a lot of different things despite that fact that I am tremendously busy at school. 

I still have programming classes (Visual Basic) and Thesis A at the same time. I am slowly feeling them tearing me apart! The pressure sucks!

The second reason why I am doing a Project 30 here on my blog is because I decided to advertise my blogs on Adgitize again. So for the sake of having a hundred points for the entire month and get my $24 at the end of the month, Project 30 would be the answer for all of these!

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