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Letter from Slovenia

deej photography
I woke up this morning with a letter from Slovenia. They are asking me if I want to be a model in one of the prestige dress companies out there. HAHA! Psyched! :p Well the letter was from Slovenia and it's all about my PIN number on Microworkers for me to withdraw my payment on their site. I have waited for like almost one month and I nearly forgot about the PIN. So I hurriedly entered the PIN and now waiting for my money!

Yesterday, I tried to own certain keyword about Cameron Mitchell from Glee Project. I have been watching the show on ETC and it's pretty entertaining. Aside the fact that I am drooling while watching them because they are all good singers like me. *LOL*  Now, I am happy to announce that I am one of the websites that are on the first page of google. I hope that I could be on the first spot so I could get a lot of traffic from that keyword.

That would be all for now. Thanks for reading! :)
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